Saturday, 15 December 2012

OOTD: galaxy defenders, stay forever

Okay so this winter weather is really getting me down. I've been ill for the past few days *breaks out the violin* and i've been wondering whether i'm in London or Antarctica. Anywhoooo, I got these very tumblr-esque galaxy print leggings a while ago but they didn't fit before, but they do now (well they're still a bit of a cheeky squeeze). The way galaxy print is just all over the gaff, is just cray cray. I do love it though, because it just sucha weird print and 'weird' is my middle name. I ADORE layers, espesh in this weather, just layer me up baby! I love wearing jumpers and leggings. they are my 'safety outfit' and its just an easy outfit, that can be played up or down. I decided to add the denim shirt under and denim jacket over, just to Shek it up (geddit ;)...and yes, double denim is perfectly acceptable as long as you wear it right.




Anywayss, back to the outfit.

Denim Shirt - Vintage *unknown price*
Necklace - Primark - £5
Ring - Charity Shop - £1
Jumper - Vintage *unknown price*
Leggings - Primark £8
Boots - Primark - £15
Denim Jacket - Vintage *unknown price*
Earring - Vintage *unknown price*

I'd love to know your thoughts on the outfit
are you a polar bear and enjoy this weather?

Love, peace and chicken grease


Monday, 3 December 2012

Louise Thompson for Goddiva Bloggers Event :-)

Sooo, last week Thursday, i went to a bloggers event organised by Red Hot PR and Goddiva for Louise Thompson's new collection with Goddiva.
I was really excited to attend, as i love Made In Chelsea and i am in love with Louise's fashion sense, so i knew I was gonna some some really cute pieces. She is such a lovely woman and soo beautiful and cute (so jellllll). We got a cheeky sneak peek at her new collection and i can honestly say, i was loving all the amazing pieces. 

I picked out a Black skater dress, with a faux leather panel, down the middle and across the chest

I cant even begin to explain how in love i am with this dress. Its soo comfy and the fit of just perfect. Because i am soo tall, the length of the dress is just right for my height and i just love it. Its a very statement piece and im all about making a statement. Its soo versatile and I didnt waste any time wearing this dress on Sunday. I had to wear a basic black top under it, just because the weather really weren't playing around and it was soo cold.

Necklace - Pop Couture £8
Boots - Primark £15
Tights - Primark £4
Snood - Primark £5
Jacket - Dorothy Perkins *unknown price*
Top - New Look

At the end of the night we got given, not uno, not dos, but tres goodies bags. (oh happy days!)

goodies = happy Shekinah
A few of the products are Bronnley Bath and Shower wash, Nubo Lip Perfection, Pivioine Delicate Shimmering Powder, Organic Surge Skin Soother, Eyelure Queen of Mod Eyelashes, Make Believe Self Tan Lotion (cant wait to try out that one....;)
 I'll do some reviews of the products in later blogs!

It was a really great night and a massive pat on the back to Red Hot PR, Goddiva and Lousie Thompson. I am really loving attending these bloggers events and meeting other bloggers :-)

love, peace and chicken grease


Pop Couture review: dont be a tart, wear tartan.

Soo, in my last blog, i talked about going to the amaze Pop Couture event the other week. We got to pick out an item and i chose this super cute tartan blouse. I was soo excited when I came home from work and the package was waiting for me.

It came in this beautiful silver tote. (i love a free bag ;)

Ok, so, I seriously love the tartan print, because its just so on trend and not everyone loves tartan...but i do. Its £20 on the website. I love the faux leather collar and gold chain. I'm a sucker for a contrasting collar. The only problem i had with it, was that the sleeves are slightly tight when i bend my arms. Thats just because i have flip flabby arms. But this is a good wake up call and gives me motivation to get skinny :-) 
All in all, i LOVE the top and in this picture it makes my boobs look bigger, waheyy
I would defo recommend everyone to have a lil look on the Pop Couture website. There are some seriously uhh-maze-ing bits and the prices are soo friggin good! 
Thank you sososooo much Pop Couture!  

love, peace and chicken grease


Saturday, 24 November 2012

Pop Couture Bloggers Event

So, on thursday, i attended my 1st ever bloggers event. It was hosted by Punk PR for Pop Couture's new Christmas collection. I was really excited as i'd never been to one before and i was excited to see people who share the same interests as me. I went with my friends Ally. and Vanese and met our other friend Ellie when we got there.
 The even was held at the Neo Bar in Barbican and it was a great venue. I loved the decorations and the general atmosphere. There was a make-up artist who was doing mini makeovers and i decided to go for a red/maroon lip. 

(i forgot the name of the lipsticks, but they were both MAC) 
felt like a celeb getting my make-up done ;-)
We got to see the new collection by and i truely loved all the pieces. There was alot of glitter, velvet and everything that i just LOVE. We could tag something that we wanted and i tagged the 
ENAKAI TARTAN BLOUSE WITH FAUX LEATHER COLLAR When i saw it, i eyes opened wide like i've just the most beautiful man in the whole world. I instantly fell in love and i knew i had to have it. I cant wait for it to arrive because, i've been wanting some tartan clothing to add some more colour to my wardrobe and i cant wait to style it.
We had these gorgeous cocktails and champers and i met some really lovely people. and it was just a friggin good time.
At the end of the night we got given a goodie bag with some treats inside.

I am so so so so happy that i got these bits. I wanted a burgandy turtle neck as i am loving turtle necks at the moment and a spiked necklace and i got both for FREE. oh happy days
I am excited to style both of these as, they are very versatile and look great with many different pieces. 
Heres a few more pics and my OOTD/N: 
Blouse - Primark
Bowtie - Charity Shop
Leggings - New Look
Tights - New Look
Skirt - Amazon
Coat - Vintage
Boots - Primark

It was a truely great night and i cant wait for the next one.
Thank you to PUNK PR, Pop Couture and everyone involved :-)



Friday, 23 November 2012

hit the nail on the head.

So, i have quite a few nail varnishes, but alot of them are colours that i really don't wear alot anymore. I love buying new nail varnishes, it just makes me feel so happy, like i'm buying a new house or something. 

I decided to use a nail varnish that i got from Misguided quite a while ago. I really love this colour because it just so vibrant and in your face. Its a sort of teal-greeny-bluey colour and I just LOVE it. It dries soo fast and you only need two coats and it just looks super cute. This colour is great to brighten up yourself during this horrible cold weather. I added a few stripes on my pinky, simply because i got bored and it took literally 10 seconds to do. I used a LA Colours, Glittery Black nail art pen.



Monday, 19 November 2012

OOTD. when you finally find what's beautiful, it's soo wonderful.

So, I've had a really good weekend with my friends. Went to Wagamama, and O M G, i really don't know what rock i've been hiding under, but it was the first time i'd been to Wagamama and it was uhh-maze-ing. Being with my friends make me so genuinely happy, so it was really good to get out :-)

FREE Green Tea
(two of my fave things in life. free things and green tea)

Polo Neck: thats old favourite..yupp, my mothers old wardrobe
Polo/Turtle necks are very in right now and I love them. I think they look so cute and chic. They can really make a statement and also keep your neck warn (win win). do a really cute one here in a black, dark red and white. and American Apparel do some black/navy and white striped ones here
Cardigan: Primark
I love a nice thick boyfriend cardi. (wishing it was my actual boyfriends cardi*cries into a tub of ben and jerry's whilst watching New Years Eve*) Perfect for this british weather and goes with alot of outfits.. Newlook do a similar one here and comes in dark red, navy blue, light link and grey
Shorts: Vin-tage (aka, my mums old jeans)
I wouldn't really recommend wearing denim shorts in this cold weather, but if you're like me, and sometimes just throw on clothes and then get outside and realise you're freezing your tits off, but you're already running late so you just embrace the cold, then wearing denim shorts in this weather is totally acceptable. Just make sure you're wearing some very high denier tights. Denim shorts are pretty much everywhere and are just super c-ute.
Belt: unknown
Necklace: Newlook
I've posted about this necklace before and they dont sell this one in newlook anymore, but they are everywhere and  these type of vintage-esque necklaces can really spice up your outfit. Especially if you're wearing plain colours. Also, collar tips, can add an extra spice to your outfit (obviously you need to be wearing something with a collar) have a really great selection of necklaces, collars and collar tips here



Tuesday, 13 November 2012


I went out the other night (kinda still recovering) and this was my OOTN....

Jumper - Vintage (mums wardrobe)
Skirt - again, my mothers old wardrobe
Tights - Primark £3
Chelsea Boots - unknown shop (lol)

This outfit could pretty much be worn during the day. I'd personally, not wear the skirt during the day, simply because my legs are too horrible to be seen in daylight with a skirt that short. I'd probably wear some denim shorts (yes, my legs are still out, but its not the same to me OK) or leggings/jeggings.jeans. But, if you have the confidence then, YOU GO GLEN COCO.
Also, creepers would go really well with this outfit, but i don't own any (im tall enough).
The skirt is actually glittery and velvet and the jumper is extremely thick, with leather diamonds on the front.

Hope you liked this, if you didn't, then you suck bananas (jk, not really)



Tuesday, 23 October 2012

nothing plain about plaid.

i seriously need to learn to blog more....*slaps self across the face multiple times*

Soo, plaid has been 'in' for donkey years. to be honest, i dont think plaid will ever go out of fashion, because its soo versatile and I just friggin l o v e it.

Emma Watson wears this gorge plaid dress with a leather jacket
Brooklyn Decker looking hot and casual with a plaid shirt and jeans
Alexa Chung suiting it up with a plaid suit jacket and trousers

I went with the classic plaid shirt from a charity shop on brick lane,
Denim shorts from a little place i like to call 'my mums old wardrobe'
and a bow tie which used to be a hair bow from Claire's Accessories.

I love cute vintage pieces and 'Rokit' have a similar shirt here but because plaid is literally everywhere.
For denim short, once again, these are everywhere, but theres some really nice ones from here
For a bow tie, you don't have to actually buy a bow tie. You can just buy a hair bow and clip it unto your top. I actually find it more comfortable than having an actual bow tie around my neck. Beyond Retro have one here



Monday, 17 September 2012


ello ello ello, i know its been a while, did anyone miss me? no? ok then...moving swiftly on.

OOTD ('the day' sometime being last week...soo technically its OOSLW)

Blouse: Forever 21
I love this shirt, because it can be worn with pretty much anything and can really edge up your outfit. 
They dont sell this shirt anymore in Forever 21, BUT this and this from Forever 21 are quite similar

Bralet: Primark
This bralet is one of my favourite pieces because it fits perfectly and is another thing that can be worn with alot of things AND it was a bargain price
Theres a similar one here from Topshop and here do some really cute ones

Shorts: Vintage jeans that I cut
Shorts like these are e v e r y w h e r e and i mean everywhere. I found some super cute shorts here on and check out the other stuff on there too. a m a z e. OR you can always just dig out your mums old jeans from the 80's and cut them.

Necklace: New Look
I bought this necklace years ago, but they sell similar ones here from Topshop and here from

Belt (actually its a scarf, but shhh): ???
I dont actually know where this scark/head-tie/belt is from, as it was a present and theres no label. It has a very Versace-esque look to it and just adds that little extra spice to the outfit. If you cant fork out £227.20 for a Versace one here then this one from Newlook or Asos have some really cute ones here but this is an item that can be found in many shops.


Thursday, 31 May 2012

body talk.

HI HI HI HI HI...have i said hi enough? HI.
sooooooo......i thought i'd do a post about my body. Im not gonna talk too much about it, because i dont feel that comfortable talking about it, but hey ho, here we go...

OKAY, sooo....i've never really been a 'small girl'.  When i was in primary school i was always the tallest and i developed alot faster than other people (im talking, boobs, hips etccc) soo like, i've always been taller than everyone from a young age. Now, lemme tell you something about being a teenager and being tall...IT SUCKS GOAT BALLS. tbh, if there was surgery the NHS could pay for, that i could shorten myself I WOULD GET THAT SHIZZLE. like, people are like "omg you're soo tall, i wish i was your height" umm, no. no you dont. "but models are tall" models are also, skinny (if they are plus size, they are toned and beautiful..not fat). I hate it when people point out my height to me asif i cant really see that i tower over everyone like Big Ben. When people make little remarks about my height, it really upsets me and i cry about it, because there's nothing i can do about my height, soo why make fun of it? NOT COOL. Now, unto the male species. When you are this height, boys are intimidated by you. (well thats what i see anyways) They want cute little girls they can pick up and be all cute with, not someone that will break their back. Alot of the time, i feel like i'm never gonna find anyone because of my size and that breaks my heart. I always tell people they should love themselves and stuff, but i wish i could take my own advice because feeling this way, is soooooo not fun.
Now unto my weight (ohh the joys). soo, as i said before, as i was growing up, i've never been 'small' and thats in my weight as well as my height. I was always allowed to eat whatever i wanted, soo i did. There was no restrictions in my house, soo i just ate anything. Im allergic to alot of things, but theres alot of things i can eat. Soo, as i was getting bigger, i didnt care...then i got to secondary school (dun dun dun). worst.5.years.ever. Boys were nasty, girls werent much better and i felt soo alone. Not really gonna talk about that too much or i might have to get the violin out.. Soo after secondary school was college and in my college there is soooo many fit guys. ohh lawwwwwd. BUT, looking the way that i look, i feel like everytime, one of them looks at me they are just thinking the worst things.
Sooo, 1 and a half years into college (17years old) i decided to change myself. i was tired of looking in the mirror and hating what i saw, tired of the voices inside my head telling me all this crap. In february 2012, i started a new healthy eating lifestyle. i cut all ALL the crap and replaced it with healthier options and exercise. Since i started this, i've lost nearly 3stone. (like 2stone and a few pounds) Having people tell you, "Shekinah, you've lost weight" is the nicest thing ever and it makes me think im doing something right for once. I want to feel comfortable in my own skin and i am nowhere near my target, but its all baby steps. Everybody wants that "bikini body" and im working on it.  but to be perfectly honest, if i had the money, i would get all this unwanted fat, surgically removed. BUT, unfortunately, i dont have loads in the bank, soo i guess im stuck doing it the old fashioned way (for now). I think alot of people get critisized or get called "lazy" for going down the surgical route, but if you are really big and you want to change yourself, nobody has the right to tell you, you cant. The ones that are like a size 6 and are like "omg, im soooooooooooooooo fat" need to just get out. 
I know im being a hypocrite by telling people this but YOU are beautiful. and even if i cant take my own advice, i hope someone will and know that if theres something you really dont like about yourself you can change it. You just gotta push through and you will achieve want you want.  also remember, after a hurricane comes a rainbow. :-)
I've written alot and if you actually read all this, then you are getting a metaphoric gold medal. Theres loads more i could write, but i dont wanna bore you more than i always have. 
If you have any questions on how i got healthier and stuff and like tips for you or anything, cos im sure i missed out loadsss, feel free to ask. i dont bite. unless you taste like chicken. 


p.s; i swear i said i wasnt gonna talk much about this? lol

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

OOTD :-)

Hellooooo beautiful people of the earth, sooooo heres an OOTD. i call it "i was rushing for college and i found these clothes in a pile of clothes in my room" 

(i wish i could tell you what im doing here)
"maybe i'll look like a model if i put my hand on my hip and pull a 'sexy' face"

moving swiftly on........

omg is that camel toe?...well this is slightly awkward...

moving on...AGAIN...

This 'Guns 'N' Roses' top is from Primark.
Now i could lie and tell you a price that i could try and remember OR i could show you some other tees like this one (i like option two personally) have some official merch. This one is basically the same. and also this one from which is in black.
The one is bought from primark is more like a vest (basically, theres no sleeves) and the material sort of sheer-ish, but if you get a normal t-shirt, you can just snip the sleeves off to create a different look. 

Chunky Cable Knit Cardigan - M&S 
(im not sure how much it was because i stole it from my dads wardrobe)
theres this one from M&S which i really like 
this one from is super cute and with this britsih weather im sure you will be able to wear it during the summer lol

This cardi is oversized...(well its men's). i love me some oversize chunky cardi's. it just hides away all those bits and bobs.

(please try and take no notice of this land fill site i like to call a bedroom)
Im sure i've talked about these leggings before..hmm...
Maroon Cable knit Leggings: New Look - £10

White Plimsolls - School Shop 
(i've had those plimsolls since primary school, which was 7 years ago...yess, i've always been a big foot :(

im certain i've talked about these white plimsolls before, but you can get white plimsolls or trainers ANYWHERE....pretty much. 

River Island Asos Office Schuh to name a few.

sooo, i hope i mentioned everything and helped as much as a could :-)


Tuesday, 1 May 2012

nailed it.

ello stranger. its been a while......sooo, im gonna show you lovely people my nails again. i tried again at something with my nails, soooo...

not sure if its just my bad eye-sight or just a bad lighting, but im not sure if you can see the zebra print  properly....but i can assure you..its there.

soo i started off by painting my nails white with a nail varnish brand called 'beauty forever'. they have every colour under the sun and each nail varnish is only £1. i found this in my local hair/beauty shop. 
Next, i painted half of my nail black with beauty forever nail varnish.
(Shek Tip: put your hand on a table and dont paint your nail so slow. the slower you go, the more   your hand slips and your nails just look like a hot mess...obvs dont go all speedy gonzales on your nails either!)
Next, i painted a stripe now the middle with a Black Glitter L.A. Colors Art Decor. (again, dont do this too fast or too slow, or it'll go all wonky donkey)
Last, but certainly not least, i painted some black stripes on the white parts of my nails to to give a zebra stripes look. I used Plain Black L.A Colors Art Decor to do that.

and there you go!
I've mentioned in a previous post about how im not a nail artist, so i know this is very basic and not very good, but im still learning. 


Friday, 6 April 2012

OOTD :-)

helloooooooooooo sexay people, soo here's my first OOTD:

Denim Shirt: My mums wardrobe (that's not a shop, its literally from my mums wardrobe...but its mine now aha), but you can get denim shirts are pretty much ANYWHERE. I love vintage stuff, soo Beyond Retro is where you can get some reeeally amazing vintage clothes. So, they will have loads of denim shirts.

Maroon Leggings: Primark £3

Crucifix Ring: Topman (but i dont think they sell it anymore)...BUT they have this one from Topman and this one from Topshop. 

Bird Ring: Charity Shop, BUT again i love my vintage/vintage looking stuff. soo Rings and Tings have some amazing shizzle on there. This bird ring is quite similar.

This ring is also from a charity shop and i'm sure if you search high street shops or pretty much anywhere they will have similar rings

 Necklace: Newlook
i think they sell this anymore but Rings and Tings do one just like it: 

Cruxific Earring: again, my mums wardrobe, but crosses are very in right now and you can find them anywhere. Urban Outfitters do some really cute ones but again, you'll find them in most high street shops and accessory shops. 

Feather Earring: £1 Primark

White Plimsolls: from a school shop, agessssssss ago. (i wore these when i was in primary school and well im 17 do the maths)
White plimsolls are EVERYWHERE. These white Converse from Tower Boots are very cute, but you can literally get white plimsoll/converse/vans from anywhere.

soo thats my OOTD. hope you liked it, if not then...ohh well, life goes on.


Tuesday, 3 April 2012

i am not a nail artist...or any type of artist...

hellooooooo beautiful people, soooo..... i thought i'd show you my nails. soo basically, im not a nail artist..(as you will find out) BUT i do loves me some nail art. soo i thought i'd try out a lil simple design...literally SO SIMPLE

  I've been loving the whole 'striped thing' for a while and i painted my nails blue, then i thought i could do a contrasting blue next to it and a glittery black stripe down the middle. 

These are the nail varnishes i used;

The 1st one i used was a pastel baby blue from claries and it came in a pack of other pastel colours (pink, purple, yellow, green, orange). i think it was around £8
The 2nd one i used was an electric blue also from Claries. That one was £2.25.
and last, but certainly not least, i used L.A. Colors Art Deco nail art in colour 'Black Sparkles' to do the stripe down the middle, which was £1 from my local hair shop. You can find it it most hair/beauty shops, beauty base or online (you cant actually order online, but the website will tell you shops where you can buy it)
I painted my whole nail with the pastel blue 1st. it took around 3 coats of the stuff to make it look nice. Because im not a patient polly, i just painted half of my nail with the electric blue straight after. Then i waited a bit...(like 10 mins) and did the black stripe down the middle.
The L.A. Colors Art Deco is VERY watery, soo i wouldn't recommend it for complicated designs, but for this easy design it was fine.

Im reeeeeally bad at keeping steady, soo i just kept my hand i was painting on a flat surface and just focused (for once). This is a very easy design to do and hopefully in the near....(or distant) future i'll learn more complicated designs.

Hope you liked my 'interesting' first attempt at doing a nail art. aha


Monday, 2 April 2012

hey there Shekinah...

hellooooooooo. soo, im a newborn baby in the face of blogging. did that even make sense? basically, im new to this blogging shizzle.
a bit about myself?...well, my name is Shekinah (shh-key-nah), im 17 years young, i lurrrrrrrrrve fashion, beauty, music and chicken....i LOVE my chicken.
I wanted to start this blog because i just want to be productive with my life, and basically show people what i love and maybe help people? I dont look like a model, but i can still tell people about fashion and stuff, right?
sooo, why 'bittersweetbeauty' well i feel like the fashion/music/general media world is soo obsessed with the way you look and you can only do certain things when you look a certain way. soo, i feel like im a bit of a oxymoron. I'm not all beautiful and model-esque, but i still love fashion and want my name out there. You dont have to look like a Kardashian/Jenner to get by in life. (although they are b-e-a-utiful)
EVERYBODY has some sort of beauty, some may just be harder to find than others.
remember, the best things in life are bitter-sweet.

Heres a lil picture of me, just being me...
xo ;-)