Monday, 3 December 2012

Pop Couture review: dont be a tart, wear tartan.

Soo, in my last blog, i talked about going to the amaze Pop Couture event the other week. We got to pick out an item and i chose this super cute tartan blouse. I was soo excited when I came home from work and the package was waiting for me.

It came in this beautiful silver tote. (i love a free bag ;)

Ok, so, I seriously love the tartan print, because its just so on trend and not everyone loves tartan...but i do. Its £20 on the website. I love the faux leather collar and gold chain. I'm a sucker for a contrasting collar. The only problem i had with it, was that the sleeves are slightly tight when i bend my arms. Thats just because i have flip flabby arms. But this is a good wake up call and gives me motivation to get skinny :-) 
All in all, i LOVE the top and in this picture it makes my boobs look bigger, waheyy
I would defo recommend everyone to have a lil look on the Pop Couture website. There are some seriously uhh-maze-ing bits and the prices are soo friggin good! 
Thank you sososooo much Pop Couture!  

love, peace and chicken grease


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