Friday, 26 April 2013

OOTD: im a barbie girl, in a barbie world

 Hello beauties, so the nice weather we were having decided to go for a little holiday, but it weren't too bad, but to be honest i'm waiting for the 30 degrees weather, then i'll get excited or just a one way trip to a hot country. hey ho, on with the outfit...

Crop Top and Creepers - Ebay// Dungarees - Tights - Primark// Denim Jacket - (used to be my dads  // Shirt (under jacket) - Newlook *sale*

so a couple months ago, I saw a vintage looking Barbie jumper and joggers set on and I couldn't myself wearing it, but it did catch my eye. I can't even remember how many barbies I had as a child and when I saw it just brought back all those memories of playing with my barbies in my room, making up stories about their life's with my other dolls wishing it was my life (now thinking about it, its actually quite sad..hmm). but anywaaaays, last week I saw this crop top on Ebay and I was just like "ermahgerrrrrrrrd," and for only a fiver, I was typing in my details faster than you can say "barbie". I'm not sure if you can see the huge ladder in my tights which I created myself to get that "grunge look"...ok actually, in typical Shekinah-ness, as I was putting them on for the 1st time I ripped it and I just werk..yes WERKed with it. *three snaps in a Z formation*

thoughts on the outfit?? anyone else really wanted a volkswagen beetle because barbie had one?


love, peace and chicken grease


song in the title; Barbie Girl by Aqua

Sunday, 21 April 2013

OOTD: how do you get up from an all time low?

ello ello ello, so over the past few weeks have been soo ill and you know when you just basically feel like death and you want to just lie down all the time, curl up in your bed with a hot drink and watch pretty much anything..well, i can't really do that during the week because of work (boo!), so i haven't had that time to fully get better but hey ho, i cant still walk and talk, so what am i really complaining about? so anyways, today i went to church and basically alot of people got a bit too excited that the sun was out. I saw waaaaay too many legs and toes out today and i was just feeling cold looking to them. 

Dungarees - Primark - £14// Jacket - random shop near my house *forgot the name* - £10//Shirt - Forever 21 - £14.95//Bow Tie - Claires - £4//Boots - Primark - £14//Socks - Topshop - £3.50

I'm really loving this whole dungarees/pinafore trend that's around at the moment. I bought these dungarees a few weeks ago and I do really love them, and I can't wait until I get that hot bod, so I can wear it with a crop top underneath. 

thoughts on the outfit? 


love, peace and chicken grease


song in the title; The Wanted - All Time Low

Saturday, 20 April 2013

i wanna leave my footprints on the sands of time...

*creeps out from under the rock* 
so basically, yes, i know i'd been super bad with posting and yes, i have been repeatedly smacking myself in the face. I just have so much work, but i really do love blogging and i need to knuckle down and really get serious. I seriously need to learn to JUST.BLOODY.BLOG. i'm going to post AT LEAST once or twice a week. *pinky promise*

ok so,  i really hate deciding what to wear when i go out (espesh with this bi-polar weather). I try to just throw things on, but it never really works because i just change my mind ((like a girl changes clothes)) we've all been there, when we look threw our entire wardrobe and decide we have "no clothes" and are just gonna go out in joggers and a hoodie or a bin bag, then eventually find something worth showing the outside world and realise we probably would have been fine with the 1st outfit we picked in the beginning. so, after the whole "let me just try on every item in my wardrobe" i finally decided on a outfit.

 necklace - crop top & creepers- //Skirt -

but then, its like a giant cloud called "the voice inside my head" made me loose all confidence and i wanted to just cover up, so i just threw on this top from Primark and Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss lippy, in everyones fave shade 107. 

which top would you have chosen? are you loving that the brit weather has FINALLY started to get slowly but surely warmer and brighter *azontos*


Love, peace and chicken grease


song in the title; Slayonce (Beyonce) - I Was Here

Monday, 1 April 2013

March to the beat of your own drum...

'Ello beauts, so this march has been a interesting little month. I've had some highs and lows (more lows than highs if im being completely honest, but its all good). i went to the gym for the 1st time last saturday and i got a bit of anxiety but it was alright in the end. I also started driving lessons and i'm sure my driving instructor says a little prayer right before we get in the car lol. There's been a few other things that's happened this month, but my memory is so bad, i literally can't remember. anywayssss, soo i started buying some products over this month and i thought i'd do a cheeky review of the products i've been using this March. 

£2.13 in Boots/ £2.25 in Superdrug
ok so this cream has been in and around my house for donkey years. I used to use it when I was younger, but it never helped my skin, so i stopped. I'm always the person who is being asked "do you have cream/vaseline/hand sanitizer/a spare pad?" so I thought I'd try out this cream in hand cream form. Its not the best on my skin, but remember I have dry skin/eczema, so a petroleum-jelly based cream usually works best for me. This cream smells sooooo good, but in terms of making my hands soft, it doesn't quite satisfy those needs but when i mix it with Vaseline, it does the job perfectly. All in all, during this horrible cold, wet, snowy weather we've been having, my skin gets extra dry and this has helped to tame the cray cray sahara desert surface I call 'my skin'.

£.8.49 in Boots/ £8.99 in Superdrug
so, I'm sure we've all seen the adverts for this. A woman who has trouble with stretch marks uses bio-oil and her confidence becomes all Beyonce-esque. Well what they fail to mention, is that it takes a minimum of 3 months for it to work and one bottle won't even last that 3 months. You should apply it 2 times daily, and I can honestly say I have started to see some changes. My stretch marks and skin tone, hasn't seen much change but my scars have. My whole arms and legs have uneven skin-tone because of where I have had eczema and after suffering with eczema since birth, it finally cleared from most of my body but left me with ugly uneven skin-tone. This just adds to my list of body issues and it doesn't help that summer is fast approaching, and I really can't bare to go another summer being all hot and sweaty because I have to cover up. I just pray this bio-oil works, but because I have to use it in such large areas, I'm a bit skeptical about the results. In terms of my stretch marks, I'm yet to see a change, but hopefully I just have to keep using it and I'll start to see results.

so, as I said before I'm always the person with a pot of Vaseline in my bag. I have been bff's with Vaseline since the beginning of time and i can't really remember a time when i wasn't using that classic blue tin. When they released a cocoa butter version, I'm sure every black person had a heart attack, recovered and ran to their nearest drug store. The reason this is in my march beauty buys list, is because I started using Superdrug's 'Little Pink Tin' for quite a while, simply because it is pink and 99p. But I'm back to this little gem and i just lurrrrve it. It makes my lips so God damn soft, and as i said before petroleum-based products work best on my skin and this is just perfect. 

£4.75 in Boots / £3.95 in Superdrug
ok, so i read some reviews about how this product is really good for nail growth and people saw results really quickly, and as I am desperately trying to grow my nails, i thought i'd give this a try. I started using it and honestly it did nothing for my nails except make them a bit shiny, but i dont want shiny nails, i want long and hard nails. I used it for 3 weeks everyday and saw no change in the length of my nails. I'm quite upset that it didn't work, but hey ho.

Radox Shower Gel in Coconut Kiss and Berry Blast 
£1.00 each
so, everyone loves a good shower gel and i've been loving Radox at the moment. These beautys are only £1, did someone say bargain? and they smell so good, I pretty much pass out every time i use it. I don't actually use it on much of my skin because of the whole eczema thing, but it hasn't affected it as the eczema is pretty much gone, its just the skin tone. But anywhoooo, it smells delish (don't try and eat it, unless you want some quality time in the hospital) and doesn't affect my skin in a bad way at all. so all in all, its a top product and I want to get all the flavours. 

thoughts on the products? enjoying your Easter break or Half term?

love, peace and chicken grease