Friday, 26 April 2013

OOTD: im a barbie girl, in a barbie world

 Hello beauties, so the nice weather we were having decided to go for a little holiday, but it weren't too bad, but to be honest i'm waiting for the 30 degrees weather, then i'll get excited or just a one way trip to a hot country. hey ho, on with the outfit...

Crop Top and Creepers - Ebay// Dungarees - Tights - Primark// Denim Jacket - (used to be my dads  // Shirt (under jacket) - Newlook *sale*

so a couple months ago, I saw a vintage looking Barbie jumper and joggers set on and I couldn't myself wearing it, but it did catch my eye. I can't even remember how many barbies I had as a child and when I saw it just brought back all those memories of playing with my barbies in my room, making up stories about their life's with my other dolls wishing it was my life (now thinking about it, its actually quite sad..hmm). but anywaaaays, last week I saw this crop top on Ebay and I was just like "ermahgerrrrrrrrd," and for only a fiver, I was typing in my details faster than you can say "barbie". I'm not sure if you can see the huge ladder in my tights which I created myself to get that "grunge look"...ok actually, in typical Shekinah-ness, as I was putting them on for the 1st time I ripped it and I just werk..yes WERKed with it. *three snaps in a Z formation*

thoughts on the outfit?? anyone else really wanted a volkswagen beetle because barbie had one?


love, peace and chicken grease


song in the title; Barbie Girl by Aqua

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