Tuesday, 23 October 2012

nothing plain about plaid.

i seriously need to learn to blog more....*slaps self across the face multiple times*

Soo, plaid has been 'in' for donkey years. to be honest, i dont think plaid will ever go out of fashion, because its soo versatile and I just friggin l o v e it.

Emma Watson wears this gorge plaid dress with a leather jacket
Brooklyn Decker looking hot and casual with a plaid shirt and jeans
Alexa Chung suiting it up with a plaid suit jacket and trousers

I went with the classic plaid shirt from a charity shop on brick lane,
Denim shorts from a little place i like to call 'my mums old wardrobe'
and a bow tie which used to be a hair bow from Claire's Accessories.

I love cute vintage pieces and 'Rokit' have a similar shirt here but because plaid is literally everywhere.
For denim short, once again, these are everywhere, but theres some really nice ones from daisystreet.co.uk here
For a bow tie, you don't have to actually buy a bow tie. You can just buy a hair bow and clip it unto your top. I actually find it more comfortable than having an actual bow tie around my neck. Beyond Retro have one here