Saturday, 24 November 2012

Pop Couture Bloggers Event

So, on thursday, i attended my 1st ever bloggers event. It was hosted by Punk PR for Pop Couture's new Christmas collection. I was really excited as i'd never been to one before and i was excited to see people who share the same interests as me. I went with my friends Ally. and Vanese and met our other friend Ellie when we got there.
 The even was held at the Neo Bar in Barbican and it was a great venue. I loved the decorations and the general atmosphere. There was a make-up artist who was doing mini makeovers and i decided to go for a red/maroon lip. 

(i forgot the name of the lipsticks, but they were both MAC) 
felt like a celeb getting my make-up done ;-)
We got to see the new collection by and i truely loved all the pieces. There was alot of glitter, velvet and everything that i just LOVE. We could tag something that we wanted and i tagged the 
ENAKAI TARTAN BLOUSE WITH FAUX LEATHER COLLAR When i saw it, i eyes opened wide like i've just the most beautiful man in the whole world. I instantly fell in love and i knew i had to have it. I cant wait for it to arrive because, i've been wanting some tartan clothing to add some more colour to my wardrobe and i cant wait to style it.
We had these gorgeous cocktails and champers and i met some really lovely people. and it was just a friggin good time.
At the end of the night we got given a goodie bag with some treats inside.

I am so so so so happy that i got these bits. I wanted a burgandy turtle neck as i am loving turtle necks at the moment and a spiked necklace and i got both for FREE. oh happy days
I am excited to style both of these as, they are very versatile and look great with many different pieces. 
Heres a few more pics and my OOTD/N: 
Blouse - Primark
Bowtie - Charity Shop
Leggings - New Look
Tights - New Look
Skirt - Amazon
Coat - Vintage
Boots - Primark

It was a truely great night and i cant wait for the next one.
Thank you to PUNK PR, Pop Couture and everyone involved :-)



Friday, 23 November 2012

hit the nail on the head.

So, i have quite a few nail varnishes, but alot of them are colours that i really don't wear alot anymore. I love buying new nail varnishes, it just makes me feel so happy, like i'm buying a new house or something. 

I decided to use a nail varnish that i got from Misguided quite a while ago. I really love this colour because it just so vibrant and in your face. Its a sort of teal-greeny-bluey colour and I just LOVE it. It dries soo fast and you only need two coats and it just looks super cute. This colour is great to brighten up yourself during this horrible cold weather. I added a few stripes on my pinky, simply because i got bored and it took literally 10 seconds to do. I used a LA Colours, Glittery Black nail art pen.



Monday, 19 November 2012

OOTD. when you finally find what's beautiful, it's soo wonderful.

So, I've had a really good weekend with my friends. Went to Wagamama, and O M G, i really don't know what rock i've been hiding under, but it was the first time i'd been to Wagamama and it was uhh-maze-ing. Being with my friends make me so genuinely happy, so it was really good to get out :-)

FREE Green Tea
(two of my fave things in life. free things and green tea)

Polo Neck: thats old favourite..yupp, my mothers old wardrobe
Polo/Turtle necks are very in right now and I love them. I think they look so cute and chic. They can really make a statement and also keep your neck warn (win win). do a really cute one here in a black, dark red and white. and American Apparel do some black/navy and white striped ones here
Cardigan: Primark
I love a nice thick boyfriend cardi. (wishing it was my actual boyfriends cardi*cries into a tub of ben and jerry's whilst watching New Years Eve*) Perfect for this british weather and goes with alot of outfits.. Newlook do a similar one here and comes in dark red, navy blue, light link and grey
Shorts: Vin-tage (aka, my mums old jeans)
I wouldn't really recommend wearing denim shorts in this cold weather, but if you're like me, and sometimes just throw on clothes and then get outside and realise you're freezing your tits off, but you're already running late so you just embrace the cold, then wearing denim shorts in this weather is totally acceptable. Just make sure you're wearing some very high denier tights. Denim shorts are pretty much everywhere and are just super c-ute.
Belt: unknown
Necklace: Newlook
I've posted about this necklace before and they dont sell this one in newlook anymore, but they are everywhere and  these type of vintage-esque necklaces can really spice up your outfit. Especially if you're wearing plain colours. Also, collar tips, can add an extra spice to your outfit (obviously you need to be wearing something with a collar) have a really great selection of necklaces, collars and collar tips here



Tuesday, 13 November 2012


I went out the other night (kinda still recovering) and this was my OOTN....

Jumper - Vintage (mums wardrobe)
Skirt - again, my mothers old wardrobe
Tights - Primark £3
Chelsea Boots - unknown shop (lol)

This outfit could pretty much be worn during the day. I'd personally, not wear the skirt during the day, simply because my legs are too horrible to be seen in daylight with a skirt that short. I'd probably wear some denim shorts (yes, my legs are still out, but its not the same to me OK) or leggings/jeggings.jeans. But, if you have the confidence then, YOU GO GLEN COCO.
Also, creepers would go really well with this outfit, but i don't own any (im tall enough).
The skirt is actually glittery and velvet and the jumper is extremely thick, with leather diamonds on the front.

Hope you liked this, if you didn't, then you suck bananas (jk, not really)