Monday, 17 September 2012


ello ello ello, i know its been a while, did anyone miss me? no? ok then...moving swiftly on.

OOTD ('the day' sometime being last week...soo technically its OOSLW)

Blouse: Forever 21
I love this shirt, because it can be worn with pretty much anything and can really edge up your outfit. 
They dont sell this shirt anymore in Forever 21, BUT this and this from Forever 21 are quite similar

Bralet: Primark
This bralet is one of my favourite pieces because it fits perfectly and is another thing that can be worn with alot of things AND it was a bargain price
Theres a similar one here from Topshop and here do some really cute ones

Shorts: Vintage jeans that I cut
Shorts like these are e v e r y w h e r e and i mean everywhere. I found some super cute shorts here on and check out the other stuff on there too. a m a z e. OR you can always just dig out your mums old jeans from the 80's and cut them.

Necklace: New Look
I bought this necklace years ago, but they sell similar ones here from Topshop and here from

Belt (actually its a scarf, but shhh): ???
I dont actually know where this scark/head-tie/belt is from, as it was a present and theres no label. It has a very Versace-esque look to it and just adds that little extra spice to the outfit. If you cant fork out £227.20 for a Versace one here then this one from Newlook or Asos have some really cute ones here but this is an item that can be found in many shops.