Wednesday, 29 January 2014


Jersey // Topshop (similar one here)
Disco Pants // Missguided
Converse // Schuh
Choker // Ebay

So, this weather is REALLY horrible ain't it? I'm not sure if a mesh t-shirt is the best idea in this weather, but hey ho, I like it. I got this t-shirt in the almighty Topshop sale (online) and I said I was going to save it for the summer but, as I saw it hanging in my wardrobe, it kept screaming "wearrrrr meeeeeeee!!!", so I did. But its been put away at the back of my wardrobe so I don't over wear it by the time summer comes around (I have a tendancy to do that). 
I've been loving choker recently and I found this little gem on ebay. Good ol' ebay. 

Thoughts on the outfit?

Love, peace and chicken grease

Thursday, 16 January 2014


Ello ello ello, okay so I know its been a while...ok maybe a bit more than a while but I'm back and ready to keep up with this blog and make 2014 KICK ASS. 2013 hasn't been the best of years to say the least, but i'm all about moving forward and living life with no regrets! So, I thought I'd start this year off with my personal fave, a good ol' outfit of the day.

Mesh Top // Primark
Skirt // Boohoo
Necklace // Topshop
Converse // Schuh
Jacket // New Look

so, sometimes I get in those moods where I just want to wear all black and other days I want to wear cute pastel colours, today I chose black. black is the new black after all, right? as I don't really like wearing completely all black I threw on this g o r g e jacket from new look to add a bit of colour. Anyone think of fresh prince of bel air when they look at this jacket? I've never been a huge bomber jacket fan BUT when I spotted this jacket I just grabbed it because how can I resist it? like really?

thoughts on the outfit?

love, peace and chicken grease

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