Monday, 29 July 2013


Dress - Goddiva // Shoes - Ebay // Bow Tie - Topshop// Bag - Vintage (aka, used to be my mums in the pre-historic times)// Flannel Shirt - Portobello Market

so recently I was contacted by the laaaaaavly people at Red Hot Pr who work alongside Goddiva. I've been to a couple to Goddiva events before (Louise Thompson & Josie Gibson) and the events have always been so good and clothes on the website are just uhh-maze-zing and super affordable. I chose this dress because I really don't own a lot of dresses and I lurrrrve me some denim. I don't think denim will EVER go out of fashion..well's denim. Its such a statement piece and I so versatile. I think this dress is just super cute and I seriously love the fact that it has pockets. I could easily wear this dress in the colder weather, with some tights, ankle boots and chunky cardi. I wore my jelly shoes because 1. I'm just completely in love with jelly shoes at the moment and 2. it just WERKS. Jelly shoes can go with so many outfits and I would definitely recommend getting a every colour ;-) 

you can look at all the new Goddiva denim range here and while you're there look at just all the Goddiva stuff here  

byeeeeeeeeeee sexays


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*thank you to Red Hot PR and the Goddiva team*

Sunday, 28 July 2013

HoMedics and Salter Event

oh hello AGAIN, so i went to another event this week, and this one was for the showcase of products from HoMedic's and Salter. It was interesting to go to an event that wasn't just about fashion and/or beauty. 
HoMedics are a brand that specialises in health and wellness products. They have a range of products from handheld massagers to humidifers. (i'll be reviewing the handheld massager in a later post!) I'm all for trying to relax after stressful days/weeks/centuries and products that will help me to relax is definately something I need. Some of the beauty products are designed by no other than the be-a-UTIFUL Elle Macpherson. ((i'm crying just thinking about her beauty)) If these products will make me look like her, then SIGN.ME.UP. all in all, the HoMedics range has some really uhh-maze products and these newer products are going to be in various shops such is good ol' Boots. 

the HoMedic goodies are here

Salter are a homewares brand founded by a guy called Richard Salter, which guessed it...homewares! One day (hopefully soon) I will move out and i'm gonna be needing some house essentials and Salter are definatly a brand I can trust to give me value for my money and I'm all about finding a bargain. It was amazing to meet the designer of a range of scales (the scales that show you the effects of your junk eating and lack of exercise...yeah those scales). It's just so refreshing to see a product and meet the person who came up with that idea and now its like a real-life thing. I'm not sure if i'm making sense, but it makes sense in my head ok.

the Salter goodies are here

I had a REALLY good time at this event, from the amazing gin cocktails to the massage chair session. We all got given a goody bag with some products from the HoMedics and Salter ranges and I've always been using the wireless speaker everyday!



Krystof Strozyna Signature Event

so recently, I went to the launch of Krystof Stroyna's signature collection. I was really excited to attend because 1. I had not been to an event in what felt like donkey years and 2. his designs look uhh-maze. So me and my friend got there just a liiiiiiiiiiittle bit late, but there was still a lot of people there and my eyes were just drawn to these gorge pieces. The bright colours and unique symmetry of the pieces really caught my eye and just look so simple, but still so chic. My fave item was the yellow cropped top. I can just imagine wearing some disco pant shorts and chunky boots for a night out look and, some high-waisted structured trousers and flats for a super cute daytime look. I really enjoyed my evening at the showcase and I hope to be going to loadsssssss more! 
*also the bubbly when down a treat!*

have a lil look at his designs here
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Tuesday, 23 July 2013


PINAFORE & CROPTOP - PRIMARK//JELLIES - EBAY//SOCKS - TOPSHOP//BAG - VINTAGE ((it was my mums like back in the day when dinosaurs roamed the earth or something))

Sooooo, not that long ago i found myself going to the motherland that is Primark because I wanted SOCKS and left with about two of those big brown bags o__0 (damn you Primark!)
These days whenever i go into shops, i go to the teen/children section because alot of the time the prices are ALOT cheaper than the rest of the shop. I'm sure this pinafore would be alot longer on an actual 13 year old, but that's mainly because I am basically the height of a tree in your local park. so the moral of the story is, ALWAYS have a cheeky look around the kids section because, exactly what have you got to loose?
ok, so I'm literally IN LOVE with the recent comeback of the jellies and even though its not everyone's cup of tea, i think they look SO CUTE and just remind me of happy times, running to school in my jellies. (I used to actually LOVE going to school...that all changed when I got to secondary school!) This is a socks and sandals combo that actually works...C R A Y.

I actually miss the cold, horrible weather and complaining about how crappy it is. I'm really not about this hot, humid weather life. (unless i'm living in LA/Miami/any nice hot country, then I think I might just be able to get over the heat ;) also, I feel like my dress sense is alot better in the colder weather.

thoughts on the outfit?



song in the title; ((the 100000000% under-rated)) Robin Thicke ft T.I & Pharell X Blurred Lines

*sorry for the lack of pictures, i took loads, then my phone spazzed out and deleted some and blah blah blah...* 

Thursday, 4 July 2013

OOTD: in my fantasy, we're running wild

Helloooooooooo beauts, so i've set myself a goal to blog more often, even if it's just about the weather. I.WILL.BLOG. I really want to go to more blogger events because I haven't been to one in for-ever and i really lurrrrve attending them. anyways...the outfit...

Top - H &M ((bought from Ebay)) // Jeggings - Missguided // Shirt - Newlook// Socks - Topshop//Chelsea Boots - *unknown shop*

so sometimes *cough* practically everyday *cough*, i go on Ebay and just search for hours for pretty much anything. A couple months ago and i was scrolling (that Ebay iPhone app is the devil in disguise) and saw this beaut crop top from H&M, so i quickly placed a bid and i was determined to win this top. Some other person was clearly trying to challenge me, but i won and for only £3.50, can someone say BAR-GAIN? I just really love it because it just looks so cute and can go with sooooo many outfits. I am defo in love.
So, I have worn the life out of these jeggings recently and I need to buy some more high waisted jeggings/jeans that actually fit me. I wish there was more stuff for people whose legs are the length of your average tree. *sigh* I've had my eye on those Topshop Joni jeans for God knows how long. High waisted jeans/jeggings/trousers/shorts are my fave because it goes in at the waist (duh) and just gives you that nice shape and if its tight, it sucks in any wobbly bits. 

Thoughts on the outfit? are you an eBay addict like me?



song in the title; Wild by Jessie J ft Big Sean and Dizzee Rascal