Tuesday, 23 July 2013


PINAFORE & CROPTOP - PRIMARK//JELLIES - EBAY//SOCKS - TOPSHOP//BAG - VINTAGE ((it was my mums like back in the day when dinosaurs roamed the earth or something))

Sooooo, not that long ago i found myself going to the motherland that is Primark because I wanted SOCKS and left with about two of those big brown bags o__0 (damn you Primark!)
These days whenever i go into shops, i go to the teen/children section because alot of the time the prices are ALOT cheaper than the rest of the shop. I'm sure this pinafore would be alot longer on an actual 13 year old, but that's mainly because I am basically the height of a tree in your local park. so the moral of the story is, ALWAYS have a cheeky look around the kids section because, exactly what have you got to loose?
ok, so I'm literally IN LOVE with the recent comeback of the jellies and even though its not everyone's cup of tea, i think they look SO CUTE and just remind me of happy times, running to school in my jellies. (I used to actually LOVE going to school...that all changed when I got to secondary school!) This is a socks and sandals combo that actually works...C R A Y.

I actually miss the cold, horrible weather and complaining about how crappy it is. I'm really not about this hot, humid weather life. (unless i'm living in LA/Miami/any nice hot country, then I think I might just be able to get over the heat ;) also, I feel like my dress sense is alot better in the colder weather.

thoughts on the outfit?



song in the title; ((the 100000000% under-rated)) Robin Thicke ft T.I & Pharell X Blurred Lines

*sorry for the lack of pictures, i took loads, then my phone spazzed out and deleted some and blah blah blah...* 


  1. I love that pinafore, no pun intended! I love that Jellies are socially acceptable to wear with socks, I need to get myself a pair! x

    1. i dont understand the pun....awko taco lol and yess you defo do, they'll well cute!! x

    2. LOOOL the pinafore literally says 'love' all over it.. awks! x

    3. OMG i SWEAR i didnt even realise it said love. ffs, whats the actual point of my glasses please?

    4. HAHAHAHAHA omg, it was legit the first things I saw before even realising it was a pinafore omfg. Gurl you need some new glassses! x

  2. Love the playsuit great find in primark!! and jellies with socks look so cute, great outfit!