Sunday, 28 July 2013

HoMedics and Salter Event

oh hello AGAIN, so i went to another event this week, and this one was for the showcase of products from HoMedic's and Salter. It was interesting to go to an event that wasn't just about fashion and/or beauty. 
HoMedics are a brand that specialises in health and wellness products. They have a range of products from handheld massagers to humidifers. (i'll be reviewing the handheld massager in a later post!) I'm all for trying to relax after stressful days/weeks/centuries and products that will help me to relax is definately something I need. Some of the beauty products are designed by no other than the be-a-UTIFUL Elle Macpherson. ((i'm crying just thinking about her beauty)) If these products will make me look like her, then SIGN.ME.UP. all in all, the HoMedics range has some really uhh-maze products and these newer products are going to be in various shops such is good ol' Boots. 

the HoMedic goodies are here

Salter are a homewares brand founded by a guy called Richard Salter, which guessed it...homewares! One day (hopefully soon) I will move out and i'm gonna be needing some house essentials and Salter are definatly a brand I can trust to give me value for my money and I'm all about finding a bargain. It was amazing to meet the designer of a range of scales (the scales that show you the effects of your junk eating and lack of exercise...yeah those scales). It's just so refreshing to see a product and meet the person who came up with that idea and now its like a real-life thing. I'm not sure if i'm making sense, but it makes sense in my head ok.

the Salter goodies are here

I had a REALLY good time at this event, from the amazing gin cocktails to the massage chair session. We all got given a goody bag with some products from the HoMedics and Salter ranges and I've always been using the wireless speaker everyday!