Thursday, 4 July 2013

OOTD: in my fantasy, we're running wild

Helloooooooooo beauts, so i've set myself a goal to blog more often, even if it's just about the weather. I.WILL.BLOG. I really want to go to more blogger events because I haven't been to one in for-ever and i really lurrrrve attending them. anyways...the outfit...

Top - H &M ((bought from Ebay)) // Jeggings - Missguided // Shirt - Newlook// Socks - Topshop//Chelsea Boots - *unknown shop*

so sometimes *cough* practically everyday *cough*, i go on Ebay and just search for hours for pretty much anything. A couple months ago and i was scrolling (that Ebay iPhone app is the devil in disguise) and saw this beaut crop top from H&M, so i quickly placed a bid and i was determined to win this top. Some other person was clearly trying to challenge me, but i won and for only £3.50, can someone say BAR-GAIN? I just really love it because it just looks so cute and can go with sooooo many outfits. I am defo in love.
So, I have worn the life out of these jeggings recently and I need to buy some more high waisted jeggings/jeans that actually fit me. I wish there was more stuff for people whose legs are the length of your average tree. *sigh* I've had my eye on those Topshop Joni jeans for God knows how long. High waisted jeans/jeggings/trousers/shorts are my fave because it goes in at the waist (duh) and just gives you that nice shape and if its tight, it sucks in any wobbly bits. 

Thoughts on the outfit? are you an eBay addict like me?



song in the title; Wild by Jessie J ft Big Sean and Dizzee Rascal


  1. GORG! LAV IT! I have the Joni Jeans and they really are fab! They will look amazing on your figure!

    Discoveries Of Self

    1. ah thank you, i DEFO need to purchase some! x

  2. Stunning outfit! The jeggings are seriously to die for. There's a Curvy Kate bloggers event on the 10th if you fancy coming with? Lots of dreamy lingerie goodness!

    Soph xo

    1. thank you Sophie :-) i got an email about that event and i weren't sure of going cos the stuff ain't for my lil tennis balls lol x