Tuesday, 21 May 2013

my week in pictures #3

went out with my niece for some brekkie and shopping//baking peppa pig cupcakes

siri just taking the mick out of my life//having my fave brekkie (green tea, oatmeal and a banana)

found new biccies that i snack on when i'm in those "fudge the diet" moods 

so, this week, as you can see, i haven't really done much (no suprise there). but hopefully in the coming weeks i'll be getting up to more stuff and actually having a life maybe?

anyone else IN LOVE with biscuits?


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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

my week in pictures #2

ello ello ello, so in my last post i said i was going to a my week in instagrams/pictures and as a woman of my word (or at least i try to be), soo.....

 bought elle & instyle and cried at how beaut the pics of Miley are// me as a child, being a princess// cheeky spoons with mates (obvs Ally is the only one in this pic)
reading Company whilst listening to Demi Lovato's new album with with yummy fruit and green tea// pretending to be a model on the barclay bikes (i wanna go biking everyday and the barclay bikes are only £4 for 24hrs AND its an amaze cardio workout)// green tea from Starbs (standard)// looking all fit and sexy *cough* with my pal Juliet

I defo wanna do these every week because, I just like it and if you're nosey like me, then you'll love it.


Instagram: shekinahxo 

Friday, 10 May 2013

oh Mickey, you so fine

Helloooo beauties, this week i've been a right ol' busy bee and thank God we had that long weekend because it was truely needed. I'm going to do a 'my week in instagrams/pictures' more often because i did one before and i really liked it and if you're a nosey parker like me, you'll love these cheeky little insights into peoples lifes. Anywaysss, soo on with the outfit... 

denim jacket - vintage a.k.a it was my dads in like the 90's// shirt under jacket - newlook// mickey mouse crop top & tights - primark// high-waisted disco shorts & creepers - ebay

so, I LOVE disney. disney. disney. disney. I might not be skipping around reciting all the words to The Little Mermaid or Cinderella, with daises in my hair and constantly living cute little dresses, but i really do love disney. Mickey Mouse is my home dawwwwwg. ((if anyone would like to transport me to disneyland and I can live there forever, that would be great)).
So Primark have really been bringing out some nice bits. When I saw this crop top, I quickly picked it up and put it in my basket...I then realised it weren't my size so I had to actually get my size. I really love it as it can go with sooooo many things and its all vintage-mickey, which I lurrrve. I bought the tights on a different day and paired with these disco shorts (dupes), creepers and a denim jacket, it gives me a 'Mickey goes grunge' look.  

thoughts on the outfit? love disney, like me? also, what's up with disney channel nowadays....'dog with a blog'...really????

love, peace and chicken grease


Friday, 3 May 2013

walk into Topshop, like whaddup, I can't afford anything

soo, usually i've give you an update on life or whatever in this little opening paragraph, but theres not much i can say (well theres alot, but we'll save that for a later post) all i can say is, its been a bit of an emotional roller-coaster this week. Things are a bit cray cray, but always look on the bright side of life right? right? anyways, before we get too deep on a post that is supposed to just be about an outfit, let keep calm and curry on..(yess CURRY)...

Top - Primark *unknown price* //Skirt - Ebay.co.uk - £11.99// Converse - Schuh - £43 // Shirt - market stall in Brick Lane - £2.50

ok, so I know we all do that thing where like something that's suddenly in fashion looks so like "what even was the designer thinking?" at first, and then after a while you're all like "ok, its actually alright" well, that's how I felt when I first saw these tops with the cut out shoulders. I just thought (and said many times) what a random place to cut out, like why would you just have your shoulders out like that, but the other day I went to that dangerous zone which steals all my money....Primark *dun dun dun*. I never go into Primark without buying pretty much the whole shop, or I pick up everything, try it all on and then put half the stuff back when I realise my billionaire mind doesn't quite match with my empty bank account *sigh* but so anyways, I went to the wonderland that is Primark and started picking up a few bits and saw this top and was like "errrmahgerrrrrd im getting it", when a couple months ago, I saw these kind of cut-out shoulder tops and wouldn't even bat an eyelid at 'em. I hope to get some more tops with cut out shoulders and i can't wait to style 'em. I'm sure the next trend will be cut out elbows...*watch this space* 

thoughts on the outfit? does Primark ((or any other shop)) eat all your money?


love, peace and chicken grease