Friday, 3 May 2013

walk into Topshop, like whaddup, I can't afford anything

soo, usually i've give you an update on life or whatever in this little opening paragraph, but theres not much i can say (well theres alot, but we'll save that for a later post) all i can say is, its been a bit of an emotional roller-coaster this week. Things are a bit cray cray, but always look on the bright side of life right? right? anyways, before we get too deep on a post that is supposed to just be about an outfit, let keep calm and curry on..(yess CURRY)...

Top - Primark *unknown price* //Skirt - - £11.99// Converse - Schuh - £43 // Shirt - market stall in Brick Lane - £2.50

ok, so I know we all do that thing where like something that's suddenly in fashion looks so like "what even was the designer thinking?" at first, and then after a while you're all like "ok, its actually alright" well, that's how I felt when I first saw these tops with the cut out shoulders. I just thought (and said many times) what a random place to cut out, like why would you just have your shoulders out like that, but the other day I went to that dangerous zone which steals all my money....Primark *dun dun dun*. I never go into Primark without buying pretty much the whole shop, or I pick up everything, try it all on and then put half the stuff back when I realise my billionaire mind doesn't quite match with my empty bank account *sigh* but so anyways, I went to the wonderland that is Primark and started picking up a few bits and saw this top and was like "errrmahgerrrrrd im getting it", when a couple months ago, I saw these kind of cut-out shoulder tops and wouldn't even bat an eyelid at 'em. I hope to get some more tops with cut out shoulders and i can't wait to style 'em. I'm sure the next trend will be cut out elbows...*watch this space* 

thoughts on the outfit? does Primark ((or any other shop)) eat all your money?


love, peace and chicken grease



  1. love everything about this outfit!


  2. Cute outfit, love the top and shoes.

    I have wanted a cut out top/shirt for ages, will definitely have to pop into Primark soon.

    Yes Primark takes all my money too, I had to go on a ban from entering the store last year as I was in there every week picking up sale bargains which I didn't have any space for.

    La Belle Aventure Blog

    Shanaz xxx

    1. ah thank you :-)) you defoo should get one! aha, yea Primark does that to people x