Tuesday, 14 May 2013

my week in pictures #2

ello ello ello, so in my last post i said i was going to a my week in instagrams/pictures and as a woman of my word (or at least i try to be), soo.....

 bought elle & instyle and cried at how beaut the pics of Miley are// me as a child, being a princess// cheeky spoons with mates (obvs Ally is the only one in this pic)
reading Company whilst listening to Demi Lovato's new album with with yummy fruit and green tea// pretending to be a model on the barclay bikes (i wanna go biking everyday and the barclay bikes are only £4 for 24hrs AND its an amaze cardio workout)// green tea from Starbs (standard)// looking all fit and sexy *cough* with my pal Juliet

I defo wanna do these every week because, I just like it and if you're nosey like me, then you'll love it.


Instagram: shekinahxo 

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