Monday, 19 November 2012

OOTD. when you finally find what's beautiful, it's soo wonderful.

So, I've had a really good weekend with my friends. Went to Wagamama, and O M G, i really don't know what rock i've been hiding under, but it was the first time i'd been to Wagamama and it was uhh-maze-ing. Being with my friends make me so genuinely happy, so it was really good to get out :-)

FREE Green Tea
(two of my fave things in life. free things and green tea)

Polo Neck: thats old favourite..yupp, my mothers old wardrobe
Polo/Turtle necks are very in right now and I love them. I think they look so cute and chic. They can really make a statement and also keep your neck warn (win win). do a really cute one here in a black, dark red and white. and American Apparel do some black/navy and white striped ones here
Cardigan: Primark
I love a nice thick boyfriend cardi. (wishing it was my actual boyfriends cardi*cries into a tub of ben and jerry's whilst watching New Years Eve*) Perfect for this british weather and goes with alot of outfits.. Newlook do a similar one here and comes in dark red, navy blue, light link and grey
Shorts: Vin-tage (aka, my mums old jeans)
I wouldn't really recommend wearing denim shorts in this cold weather, but if you're like me, and sometimes just throw on clothes and then get outside and realise you're freezing your tits off, but you're already running late so you just embrace the cold, then wearing denim shorts in this weather is totally acceptable. Just make sure you're wearing some very high denier tights. Denim shorts are pretty much everywhere and are just super c-ute.
Belt: unknown
Necklace: Newlook
I've posted about this necklace before and they dont sell this one in newlook anymore, but they are everywhere and  these type of vintage-esque necklaces can really spice up your outfit. Especially if you're wearing plain colours. Also, collar tips, can add an extra spice to your outfit (obviously you need to be wearing something with a collar) have a really great selection of necklaces, collars and collar tips here



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