Friday, 23 November 2012

hit the nail on the head.

So, i have quite a few nail varnishes, but alot of them are colours that i really don't wear alot anymore. I love buying new nail varnishes, it just makes me feel so happy, like i'm buying a new house or something. 

I decided to use a nail varnish that i got from Misguided quite a while ago. I really love this colour because it just so vibrant and in your face. Its a sort of teal-greeny-bluey colour and I just LOVE it. It dries soo fast and you only need two coats and it just looks super cute. This colour is great to brighten up yourself during this horrible cold weather. I added a few stripes on my pinky, simply because i got bored and it took literally 10 seconds to do. I used a LA Colours, Glittery Black nail art pen.



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