Saturday, 15 December 2012

OOTD: galaxy defenders, stay forever

Okay so this winter weather is really getting me down. I've been ill for the past few days *breaks out the violin* and i've been wondering whether i'm in London or Antarctica. Anywhoooo, I got these very tumblr-esque galaxy print leggings a while ago but they didn't fit before, but they do now (well they're still a bit of a cheeky squeeze). The way galaxy print is just all over the gaff, is just cray cray. I do love it though, because it just sucha weird print and 'weird' is my middle name. I ADORE layers, espesh in this weather, just layer me up baby! I love wearing jumpers and leggings. they are my 'safety outfit' and its just an easy outfit, that can be played up or down. I decided to add the denim shirt under and denim jacket over, just to Shek it up (geddit ;)...and yes, double denim is perfectly acceptable as long as you wear it right.




Anywayss, back to the outfit.

Denim Shirt - Vintage *unknown price*
Necklace - Primark - £5
Ring - Charity Shop - £1
Jumper - Vintage *unknown price*
Leggings - Primark £8
Boots - Primark - £15
Denim Jacket - Vintage *unknown price*
Earring - Vintage *unknown price*

I'd love to know your thoughts on the outfit
are you a polar bear and enjoy this weather?

Love, peace and chicken grease


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