Friday, 4 January 2013

OOTD: it takes me all the way, i want you to stay

okay, soooo i know i haven't blogged in forever *slap on the wrist...or bum* (cheeky) but the other day i had to quickly rush out and i chucked this outfit on and i really liked it. So, i call  this outfit 'cheeky quick outfit which kinda works so maybe i should rush all my outfits'

Plaid Shirt - Rokit - unknown price
Spiked Necklace (which i know you cant really see, but its this one) - Pop Couture - £8
Grey Leggings with Pleather Panel - Primark - £3 (did someone say BAR-GAIN?)
Brown Chelsea Boots - Primark - £15

Sooooo, I've mentioned before that i lurrrrrrrrve me some plaid/tartan. I just love the way that it makes a statement and i'm all about statements.
 I adore these leggings with the pleather panels because i just think they look soo cute and work well with a lot of outfits. you can wear them with a cropped top and heels for a night out or a baggy jumper/shirt for a more casual look. Leather/Pleather is bang on trend right now and i would defo recommend adding a bit of pleather to your wardrobe. do some uhh-maze ones here and have some PU leggings here. PU/pleather/wet look leggings are like designed for people to have a little struggle whilst getting dressed. I don't actually own a pair, because i wanna have some boom-boom pow legs to show off in those leggings, but i tried some on recently and the struggle was real. *apply baby powder/butter/oil before putting on these leggings*...o k don't..or maybe you like that kinda stuff...

Hope you've all had an amaze Christmas and eaten enough food to last you until easter ;)

love, peace and chicken grease


song in the title; Rihanna - Stay

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