Thursday, 24 January 2013

Atrixo event: scones and makeovers

hello hello, how are you? hello hello, its good to see you....anyone with a toddler ((child, sibling, niece/nephew, or maybe you just know a toddler)), should know that song. anyway, so two weeks ago, i went to a event for Atrixo. I wasn't too familiar with the brand, but i was excited to find out exactly what they are about and what fun things we would get up to at the event. When we (me, Ally, Vanese and Ellie) arrived the building looked so beautiful and the decor was amazing. We walked into the room and we were a little bit late, so they had already started with a sewing class. I can't sew to save my life, but its definitely something that I would love to learn someday. Ally and Vanese and Ellie got hair and face makeovers and I tried a red lip. I wasn't a big fan of the shade of red on me, because i felt like it was too bright for my skin tone. I would prefer a darker red with my skin tone otherwise I just look like a clown. Its still a beautiful colour, just not for me. The champers was flowing and there was loads of cute (not-so-diet-friendly) treats. I tried a scone for the 1st time and i LOVED it. But sadly i won't get that bikini body by eating scones all day, but its nice as a lil treat for yourself. All in all, it was a great night and i really enjoyed myself. 

So, as there wasn't enough goodie bags to give to everyone, I was sent some of the products and we also could choose a few of the products they had out on the table aswell.

I'm not really someone who likes to try out new creams because i have eczema and the littlest thing could really irritate my skin. (boo)
I got 3 different types of cream:
Regenerating Treatment with Panthenol
Moisturing Cream with Camomile (in a small tub and squeeze tube)
Intensive Protection Cream with Aloe Vera

Out of all the creams, my favourite is definitely the Regenerating Treatment because it makes my hands feel all moisturized without it feeling sticky and gross. If you have dry skin, is would be the cream for you. It really tackles those problem areas and is all like 'hey you, you will be dry no more'. I like all the products but the this one works the best for my skin.  

have you used Atrixo before? are you like in love with scones?

love, peace and chicken grease


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