Saturday, 12 January 2013

OOTD: i'm in love with you and all your little things

heyyyyyy beauties, heres an outfit of the day that i wore the other day whilst shopping with Ally and Vanese :-) 

Beanie - Ebay - £7.50
Bow tie - Vintage shop in Brick Lane - £3
Blazer - Chairty shop - £5
Earing - *unknown price*
Denim shirt - Primark - £8
Velvet Skirt - Ebay - £11.99
Tights - Primark - £3
Boots - Primark - £15

Soo as you can see i got a bit excited with the different editing effects i found *oopsies* 

okay so, this weather is truly depressing and the fact that its getting colder and possible that all about?! please someone put me on a one way flight to LA for sun, sea and cream ;-) even though its getting colder, i've started wearing skirts and shorts a lot more because we all know fashion comes before health (jk, well kinda). I just want every pair of denim shorts, leggings and skater skirts in the world. 
This year i will reach my goal weight and actually feel comfortable in my skin. I hope this year everyone achieves REAL happiness and confidence!

thoughts on my outfit? have you made new years resolutions that you actually plan to stick to? 

Love, peace and chicken grease


song in title: Little Things - One Direction


  1. Hi cute outfit, i'm loving the velevet skirt. Have a lovely weekend. xx

  2. outfit is sick

  3. your style is amazing!
    great blog, looking forward to more posts :)