Tuesday, 22 January 2013

what i did and wore today: dogtooth & love

Hola, bonjour, yo wassaaaap...hey, you beautiful people, so today i decided to go outside onto the giant ice-rink and go into town to get a few bits and bobs. I really am not someone to brave cold weather just to get a few things, but i also really needed to just walk about a bit and clear my cray cray head. 

i decided to buy a new nail varnish to add to my ever growing collection. I lurrrrve different shades of (grey) reds and purples. I love the way those colours look with my skin tone and its just super cute. 

I decided to get Barry M in 'Raspberry'. I apologize for my horrible nail painting. I'm a very messy nail painter and this picture was taken after i tried to clean it up a bit (oops) 
I reallyyyy love this colour and its a really cute 'wintery' colour. 

Striped shirt - once again that old chestnut, my mums old wardrobe
Dogtooth leggings - Ebay - £4.99 (£2.25 p&p)
Boots - Office - *unknown price*
Spiked necklace - Primark - £5

thoughts on the outfit? are you a messy nails now, tidy up around the edges and/or basically the whole finger later person? 

love, peace and chicken grease



  1. Beautiful outfit and lovely nail colour :)



  2. Forever doing the best outfit of the day posts. I can't even get over how amazing your outfit is. Can I just have you & your mums wardrobe's please? or GURL BYE. ;)


  3. Gurl, your legs are amazing, work it! X

    1. thankss but eww, my legs are vile. trust me, the leggings and tights suck everything in. *sigh* x