Friday, 8 February 2013

25 facts about moi :-)

heyyyy beautiful people of the internet, okay so, my internet was down for two weeks and i really didn't know what to do with myself. no blogs, twitter, tumblr, instagram etcccc for 2 whole weeks....i very nearly went to....the library.....*eastenders drums* but i'm back and i thought i'd do a few cheeky lil facts about me. I've been reading a few today and yesterday and its really nice to get to know bloggers more and also i'm very nosey ;). soooo....

1. everything about bananas i just love. the taste, the texture, the shape (cough). Like, when the skin is a bit green, its perfect. not too hard, not too soft. Bananas are defo my fave fruit and i could eat them all day, everyday. laaaavly.

2. I have a phobia of flying things. Flies, bees, butterflies, ladybirds (cheeky buggers, acting all innocent, like aww look at my nice spots, then BAM the wings come out), birds, planes, you get the idea. If it has wings. get it away from me. (unless it's cooked chicken wings)

3. Im basically a classified giant. Im 6'1"...i think. Everyday i wish i weren't so tall (unless im at a gig). I've never liked being tall. Everyone always looks at you like you're some freak and its horrible. Secondary school (a.k.a some of the worst years of my life), was a nightmare. I was constantly bullied because of my height and weight and it still affects me now. People tell me "i wish i was your height", gurrrrrrl,'t. ah well, i cant change my height, so hey ho.

4. I love the smell of petrol. errmahgerrrrrrd. The smell of petrol actually does something to me. I just love it, i cant explain why, i just do.

5. Cereal.cereal.ceeeerrrreeeaaallllll. I just lurrrrrrrve cereal. at any time of the day (mainly in the evening). People in my house think its weird that i eat cereal in the evening, but last time i checked, there was nowhere on the box that says 'can only be consumed in the morning'. its just soo tasty and i love it even more when its a bit soggy too. mmmmmm

6. I may or may not dislike short people next to me. ok, so im sure short people feel this way when really tall people stand next to them. but seriously, i can't stand it (no pun intended)

7. I watch waaaaay too much telly. Glee, New Girl, 90210, Two Broke Girls, all the Kardashian shows, f.r.i.e.n.d.s., Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Modern Family...these are just the main ones. I'm sure there's meetings for us tv addicts.

8. The Wanted & Katy Perry are everythaaaaaang. those TW boys are just amazing people and have brought some amazing people into my life from me going to meet them over and over and over again...(also some not-so amazing people..but lets not dwell on those losers). Katy Perry is ma gurrrrrrl. I adore Katy and everything about her. i can't write too much about her or i'll just end of writing a essay and crying, but she has gotten me through alot (obvs, not like personally...i wish i was her friend), made me laugh, cry and everything inbetween.

9. I want to travel the world. New York, California, (well, the whole of America, but those two mainly), Australia, Canada, Thailand, Egypt, Spain, Italy, South Africa, the list is pretty much endless. anyone wanna fund this Shekventure?

10. The number 10 is my favourite number. My birthday is 10th June, when i was 10 i was soo excited about being 'double-digits', i want to have a family of 10 (my poor lady parts), 10 years is a decade, 10 downing street, t e n. ok now im just saying random things about 10. but anyways, 10 is the new black.

11. I was once on tv when i was 6months old. Some famous tv guy from back in the day was outside our church and they interviewed our family for tv. I don't even know what for, but my mum goes on about it anytime she sees the picture.

12.  The smell of flowers makes me gag. So like, i know flowers all supposed to be all cute and romantic, but seriously, they just stink. Although nobody has ever bought me flowers, so maybe i'm just bitter....

13. If i could marry chicken, i would. I love eating chicken more than i love people. there's nothing more to say on the matter. 

14. I used to fancy Johnny Bravo when i was younger. yes. the cartoon guy with the big hair. I know i'm not the only person that used to fancy a cartoon character...i hope. 

15. I'm allergic to eggs, fish and cashew nuts. I crossed out eggs because i used to be allergic, but one day i ate a cake and i survived. so, i'm sure my mum had been lying to me for 18 years and i was only  psychologically allergic to eggs. cheers mother.

16. I love mixing foods. well, i would still love it if i weren't on a diet. i dip pretty much anything in anything. crisps dipped in yogurt, chips dipped in milkshake, chocolate dipped in hot sauce. i'm dribbling just thinking about it.

17. Hot food makes me a happy bunny.  the hotter the better tbh. but it cant just be spicy, it has to taste good too. If my mouth is gonna be on fire, i wanna taste some flavour too. 

18. When i dance, i go total chicken oriental. basically, go hard or go home.

19. My main ambition in life is to be truly happy. ok lets whip out the violins, but its true. One day i'll find true happiness, i don't know when and don't know how. but one day.

20. I love it when people approach me first. a lot of the time i can seem like i'm this super confident person, that doesn't care about what anyone thinks, but that's all lies. I can be a very socially awkward person, but i guess that's just me putting up my guard. 

21. I used to suck my thumb and bite my lip so much that i had to wear braces. and i still wear braces behind my top teeth since i got my braces off 5 years ago. food always gets stuck in there!

22. I wore a full leg cast for 2 months. one time in P.E, i kicked a punching bag, dislocated my knee and ended up wearing a FULL LEG cast. lemme tell you wasn't fun. oh and my knee still moves in and out of place all the time. 

23. I love me some cheese, but only melted please. or in a sandwich. 

24. I have a fear of water. since i nearly drowned when i was 11, i have been scared of water. I really wish i wasn't because i actually want to learn how to swim, but i just can't. It was only recently that i decided to start taking baths again. (and before you get any ideas, i would usually just shower)

25. Procrastination queen. i take for-ever to do anything.i get so easily distracted, forget what i was doing 5 seconds ago and i seriously annoys me. It literally took me over 8 hours to write these facts because i kept getting distracted and doing other things. also my memory is a shambles. uh-noy-ying. 

hope you enjoyed your lil dip into the pool of Shekinah. In the words of Dr Apu Nahasapeemapetilon (a.k.a Apu from The Simposons) "thank you, come again"

Love peace and chicken grease


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