Monday, 11 February 2013

OOTD: all i want is the taste that your lips allow

Hellooooo beauties, soo today i had to nip out quickly and as i started getting ready, it started snowing and i'm not someone to leave the house when it starts to snow/rain, unless i reeeeeeeally have to. But anyway, even though its not quite spring yet, i decided to whip out the pastel pink.

Bowtie - (was a headband) - Claires - *unknown price*
Shirt - Vintage a.k.a my mums old wardrobe - *unknown price*
Jeggings - Random shop in my area - £10
Boots - Primark - £15

3 years ago i would incorporate pink into pretty much every outfit, now i never wear it. obviously except for today. I really want summer to hurry its ass up and get here, (and not a horrible rainy summer that we get) I was going to wait until summer or at least spring to wear these jeggings but because i have numero uno patience, i decided to just wear them today to brighten up the streets of London. 
Monochrome is pretty much everywhere at the moment and i seriously love it. It's so boom boom pow in your face and i really love statement pieces. I remember when like everyone had those black and white striped leggings and i really wanted a pair, but finding some in my size was a myth. Now i've lost a bit of weight, i can get them alot easier, but there's one missing component...umm....whats it again?...oh yeah, money. 

thoughts on the outfit?? do you love pastel colours? monochrome?

love, peace and chicken grease


song in the title: Ed Sheeran - Give Me Love 


  1. I love this outfit! I wish I was able to wear trousers up high without it showing my bulging belly. WORK IT GURL. I love the pink bow :)

    1. gurrrrl, im wearing tights underneath to try and suck in all the fat like a vacum cleaner lol. but thank you bby x

  2. You put my outfits to shame. :( You look amazing and I love how you always wear a cute little bowtie with most of your outfits ! :)


    1. awhh, noo, your outfits are all cute and taylor swift-esque! and thank youu, i love me some bowties! :-) x

  3. nice look ...very edgy