Sunday, 17 February 2013

my week in instagrams/pictures #1

ello ello ello, so i thought i'd do a 'my week in instagrams/pictures' because i've been out quite alot this week (which doesn't usually happen) and i've taken a few pics, sooo.......

1. Shirt - Primark, Bow Tie - Brick Lane, Disco Pants - Missguided, Boots - Primark // 2. cheeky Nandos with Ally and Vanese // 3. Shirt - Vintage, Jeans - shop near my house, Bow Tie - Claire's, Boots - Primark // 4. Valentines day. baking and listening to Taylor Swift // 5. Shirt - Pop Couture, Jeans - Missguided // 6. Valentines Day photobooth // 7. With ma gurrrrrrl Vanese // 8. getting my money stolen from one of those kids rides ((grrr))

thoughts on the outfits? also, i want to change my blog name, any suggestions??

love, peace and chicken grease


p.s; instagram - shekinahxo


  1. Love your disco pants!

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    And also my latest outfit post here

    Thanks! Charlie xx

  2. pink bowtie + pink jegging = super stunning hon.. loved it!
    tell me if you want to follow each other.. :-)