Tuesday, 3 April 2012

i am not a nail artist...or any type of artist...

hellooooooo beautiful people, soooo..... i thought i'd show you my nails. soo basically, im not a nail artist..(as you will find out) BUT i do loves me some nail art. soo i thought i'd try out a lil simple design...literally SO SIMPLE

  I've been loving the whole 'striped thing' for a while and i painted my nails blue, then i thought i could do a contrasting blue next to it and a glittery black stripe down the middle. 

These are the nail varnishes i used;

The 1st one i used was a pastel baby blue from claries and it came in a pack of other pastel colours (pink, purple, yellow, green, orange). i think it was around £8
The 2nd one i used was an electric blue also from Claries. That one was £2.25.
and last, but certainly not least, i used L.A. Colors Art Deco nail art in colour 'Black Sparkles' to do the stripe down the middle, which was £1 from my local hair shop. You can find it it most hair/beauty shops, beauty base or online http://www.lacolors.com/Art-Deco-Nail-Art-1533.html (you cant actually order online, but the website will tell you shops where you can buy it)
I painted my whole nail with the pastel blue 1st. it took around 3 coats of the stuff to make it look nice. Because im not a patient polly, i just painted half of my nail with the electric blue straight after. Then i waited a bit...(like 10 mins) and did the black stripe down the middle.
The L.A. Colors Art Deco is VERY watery, soo i wouldn't recommend it for complicated designs, but for this easy design it was fine.

Im reeeeeally bad at keeping steady, soo i just kept my hand i was painting on a flat surface and just focused (for once). This is a very easy design to do and hopefully in the near....(or distant) future i'll learn more complicated designs.

Hope you liked my 'interesting' first attempt at doing a nail art. aha