Friday, 6 April 2012

OOTD :-)

helloooooooooooo sexay people, soo here's my first OOTD:

Denim Shirt: My mums wardrobe (that's not a shop, its literally from my mums wardrobe...but its mine now aha), but you can get denim shirts are pretty much ANYWHERE. I love vintage stuff, soo Beyond Retro is where you can get some reeeally amazing vintage clothes. So, they will have loads of denim shirts.

Maroon Leggings: Primark £3

Crucifix Ring: Topman (but i dont think they sell it anymore)...BUT they have this one from Topman and this one from Topshop. 

Bird Ring: Charity Shop, BUT again i love my vintage/vintage looking stuff. soo Rings and Tings have some amazing shizzle on there. This bird ring is quite similar.

This ring is also from a charity shop and i'm sure if you search high street shops or pretty much anywhere they will have similar rings

 Necklace: Newlook
i think they sell this anymore but Rings and Tings do one just like it: 

Cruxific Earring: again, my mums wardrobe, but crosses are very in right now and you can find them anywhere. Urban Outfitters do some really cute ones but again, you'll find them in most high street shops and accessory shops. 

Feather Earring: £1 Primark

White Plimsolls: from a school shop, agessssssss ago. (i wore these when i was in primary school and well im 17 do the maths)
White plimsolls are EVERYWHERE. These white Converse from Tower Boots are very cute, but you can literally get white plimsoll/converse/vans from anywhere.

soo thats my OOTD. hope you liked it, if not then...ohh well, life goes on.


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