Tuesday, 1 May 2012

nailed it.

ello stranger. its been a while......sooo, im gonna show you lovely people my nails again. i tried again at something with my nails, soooo...

not sure if its just my bad eye-sight or just a bad lighting, but im not sure if you can see the zebra print  properly....but i can assure you..its there.

soo i started off by painting my nails white with a nail varnish brand called 'beauty forever'. they have every colour under the sun and each nail varnish is only £1. i found this in my local hair/beauty shop. 
Next, i painted half of my nail black with beauty forever nail varnish.
(Shek Tip: put your hand on a table and dont paint your nail so slow. the slower you go, the more   your hand slips and your nails just look like a hot mess...obvs dont go all speedy gonzales on your nails either!)
Next, i painted a stripe now the middle with a Black Glitter L.A. Colors Art Decor. (again, dont do this too fast or too slow, or it'll go all wonky donkey)
Last, but certainly not least, i painted some black stripes on the white parts of my nails to to give a zebra stripes look. I used Plain Black L.A Colors Art Decor to do that.

and there you go!
I've mentioned in a previous post about how im not a nail artist, so i know this is very basic and not very good, but im still learning. 


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