Wednesday, 9 May 2012

OOTD :-)

Hellooooo beautiful people of the earth, sooooo heres an OOTD. i call it "i was rushing for college and i found these clothes in a pile of clothes in my room" 

(i wish i could tell you what im doing here)
"maybe i'll look like a model if i put my hand on my hip and pull a 'sexy' face"

moving swiftly on........

omg is that camel toe?...well this is slightly awkward...

moving on...AGAIN...

This 'Guns 'N' Roses' top is from Primark.
Now i could lie and tell you a price that i could try and remember OR i could show you some other tees like this one (i like option two personally) have some official merch. This one is basically the same. and also this one from which is in black.
The one is bought from primark is more like a vest (basically, theres no sleeves) and the material sort of sheer-ish, but if you get a normal t-shirt, you can just snip the sleeves off to create a different look. 

Chunky Cable Knit Cardigan - M&S 
(im not sure how much it was because i stole it from my dads wardrobe)
theres this one from M&S which i really like 
this one from is super cute and with this britsih weather im sure you will be able to wear it during the summer lol

This cardi is oversized...(well its men's). i love me some oversize chunky cardi's. it just hides away all those bits and bobs.

(please try and take no notice of this land fill site i like to call a bedroom)
Im sure i've talked about these leggings before..hmm...
Maroon Cable knit Leggings: New Look - £10

White Plimsolls - School Shop 
(i've had those plimsolls since primary school, which was 7 years ago...yess, i've always been a big foot :(

im certain i've talked about these white plimsolls before, but you can get white plimsolls or trainers ANYWHERE....pretty much. 

River Island Asos Office Schuh to name a few.

sooo, i hope i mentioned everything and helped as much as a could :-)


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