Monday, 2 April 2012

hey there Shekinah...

hellooooooooo. soo, im a newborn baby in the face of blogging. did that even make sense? basically, im new to this blogging shizzle.
a bit about myself?...well, my name is Shekinah (shh-key-nah), im 17 years young, i lurrrrrrrrrve fashion, beauty, music and chicken....i LOVE my chicken.
I wanted to start this blog because i just want to be productive with my life, and basically show people what i love and maybe help people? I dont look like a model, but i can still tell people about fashion and stuff, right?
sooo, why 'bittersweetbeauty' well i feel like the fashion/music/general media world is soo obsessed with the way you look and you can only do certain things when you look a certain way. soo, i feel like im a bit of a oxymoron. I'm not all beautiful and model-esque, but i still love fashion and want my name out there. You dont have to look like a Kardashian/Jenner to get by in life. (although they are b-e-a-utiful)
EVERYBODY has some sort of beauty, some may just be harder to find than others.
remember, the best things in life are bitter-sweet.

Heres a lil picture of me, just being me...
xo ;-)


  1. like the bitter-sweet thing, you talk so much sense! aha :')