Friday, 22 March 2013

OOTD: you make me glow, but i cover up, won't let it show

Dress - Primark - £8
Jumper - Primark *unknown price*
Creepers - Ebay - £22.99
Cardi - Charity shop - £5

Hello beauties, so on sunday, i was trying to find something to wear for church and you know when you really have it in your mind to wear something. Well i told myself that i would wear this dress that i hadn't worn yet that i bought a few month back. I put it on and it kinda just hung on my body. Which either means, some fairies have been in my wardrobe, re-sizing all my clothes all my clothes to make it seem like i've lost weight, or i've actually lost weight. I am hoping its the 2nd one. So, i really didn't like the way it fit and i tried putting on a belt and still didn't look right, soo i decided stick a jumper on and tie the back. Somehow, it worked and i'll definitely be trying this will some more of my dresses and light jumpers. 
I'm reeeeally loving dogtooth print at the moment
This week has been actual Antarctic weather conditions and i've caught some horrible bug. boo you weather, boo you. and i FINALLY came up with a new blog name. If you know me or see my blog posts, you will see that i love me some bow ties and i after long and hard thinking i decided on 'The Bowtie Diaries' :-)

thoughts on the outfit? thoughts on the new name?

love, peace and chicken grease


song in the title; Demi Lovato - Heart Attack ((im so excited for Demi's new album, i could wet myself with excitement))


  1. You always find the nicest buys in charity shops. ;) Love the way you've styled this outfit. You know I love the new name. ;)