Sunday, 10 March 2013

OOTD: just because it burns, doesn't mean you're gonna die.

HAY HAY HAY, its a outfit of the day.
okay so, this whole "i need to blog more this year" isn't going so well. I've just started a new job (yay!) but it takes up alot of time and by the time i get home, im too tired to do anything apart from sleeping. BUT, that will all change, I'm finding a way to at least blog every weekend and hopefully more often than that if i can. I might have to start drinking like a billion coffees a day to keep me awake. also, i REALLY want a new blog name, so if you laaaaavly people could help me out, i would be soooo happy! anyway, back to the outfit....

 Dress - Newlook (teen section) - £8 *sale*
Bowtie - Claires - *unknown price*
Lace shirt - Forever 21 *unknown price*
(the belt came with a skirt i got from Amazon)
Chelsea boots - Primark - £15

I really love this tartan dress because i seriously love me some tartan and it was a proper bargain price. I would ALWAYS reccommend checking out the kids section because sometimes you can find some gems in there for half the price of the 'normal' clothes. The lace shirt gives it that edgy look with my personal favourite, the bowtie to add that extra boom boom pow and gives the outfit a preppy girl look. have the dress here and have a super cute tartan and leather cut out dress here and i might just have to make a cheeky little purchase because i'm a little bit in love.
Its now march, which means that the weather needs to sort itself out and get warmer because this whole 'feeling cold' thing just ain't working.

Thoughts on the outfit? blog name suggestions?

love, peace and chicken grease


song in the title: P!nk - Try


  1. I love your bowtie! I tried on my boyfriends bowtie the other day, but took it off again because I thought I looked silly. I'm deff going to give it another go now. :)


    1. bowties are my fave thing everrrrrrrr. defo go for it! x

  2. Love this dress and what a bargain for £8!

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    Thanks! Charlie xx | UK Fashion Blog