Wednesday, 7 August 2013

July Faves 2013

Vaseline and Cocoa Butter has been used in my family since the birth of baby Jesus. Since Vaseline decided to bring out a cocoa butter version of their famous creams, I knew that I had to jump on that wave. I CAN-NOT stress how much I LOVE this product. I don't like using different products on my skin, as I have been a eczema sufferer since I was born and its only in the past few months that I've actually been able to use 'normal' creams and lotions, but I'm still a bit reluctant to putting any cream on my skin, until I started using this cream last summer. Its really good for when you get straight out of the shower, because I get horrible dry skin like 10 secs after I leave the shower, so I have to moisturise literally straight away, then sit in my towel for like 25 hours after that (I know I'm not the only person that does that!). Another thing I love about this cream is that you literally only need a little bit to cover a lot of your body and its not sticky at all, so its great for summer..well its great for any time of the year

*get it from Superdrug here and from Boots here*

so during summer my hair gets so dry and dead and because I'm giving my hair a 'weave break', it's out all the time and well i don't know about you but, (I'm feeling 22) I need to keep my hair moisturised  or it'll just be all itchy and ain't nobody got time fo' that. This spray works wonders to my cray cray hair and keeps it moistened and shiny. Whether you have weave, braids, twists, or your natural hair, it keeps it looking and feeling fresh

*get it from Paks here*
(they sell this in most afro/caribbean a.k.a black people hair shops)

okay so nobody wants be be THAT GIRL, who gets all sticky and smelly during the hot weather...well I know I don't. so I decided to pick up a few of these body sprays. The one I usually use from boots has been...discontinued *cries* but I'm hoping they bring out another one similar. But this body spray does the job quite nicely and I've been spraying the crap out of a range of these sprays all summer

*get it from Superdrug here*
(couldn't find it on the Boots website, but it's in store)

so when I first got this lip butter I wasn't too keeno beano on it, because my lips are just weird and my bottom lip is more moisturised than my top lip...(yeah I don't know either), so I just usually stick to good ol' Vaseline but this summer I've picked up my lip butter again and its just been WERKING. I really do love it for summer, I think its because I don't have the whole chapped lips thing that tries to happen during winter, so for right now I'm loving this lip butter and it smells SO GOOD I literally wanna eat it

*get it from Superdrug here and Boots here*

oh the famous peach melba. I've been hearing about this peach melba since it came out and I only recently got it because its such a cute summer colour. This summer I've been loving my peaches, light pink and nude nails (although right now as I'm typing my nails are a dark red, but shh). The summer weather makes me wanna have either bare or really light colours on my nails and I've been lurrrrrrrving this peach melba because its literally the perfect summer colour. 

*get it from Superdrug here and Boots here*
(I couldn't actually find this colour on the Boots website, but it's definitely in stores)

Imagine Dragons - Radioactive // Icona Pop ft Chari XCX - I Love It // Zedd - Clarity (brillz remix) // Miley Cyrus - We Can't Stop - #willpower (album) // Demi Lovato - Demi (album) // Fuse Odg - Antenna // Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - The Heist (album)

so, clearly I love my chart music. I'm always listening to Capital FM or Kiss FM and usually I just get addicted to the songs they play on there. These are the songs & albums I've just seen loving this July and playing on repeat, there's obviously A LOT more but these are the main ones I think. 
Demi's new album is basically perfection and just continues with his BANG-ERS on this new album. I love my afrobeats and have been for years so when I heard 'Antenna' on capital radio, I literally had to do a double take and I thought it was my iPod, but nope, it was the radio and I'm literally so happy that FINALLY afro beats are becoming more and more known.
I've also been listening to the whole of Frank Ocean - Channel Orange every night, like its my job.  

thoughts on my july faves? whats your july/general summer faves?



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