Saturday, 1 June 2013

OOTD: i don't know about you, but i'm feeling 22..(well actually 18)

ello ello ello, pinch, punch and all that. so it's 1st June, and it's my BIRTH MONTH. i don't usually get excited for my birthday because these past years its been pretty crap, but hoping and praying that this year will break the chain of depressing birthdays. I also have a couple events planned to go to this month and i also started the squat, crunches and plank challenge ((gotta get that flat stomach and perky bum...i actually do alot more crunches and the plank is alot longer because it literally burns more and i just love to feel that burn because i know i'm doing actual work)), so here's to a new month and a new start....

dress - H&M// necklace - Forever 21// boots - random shop near my house// socks - Topshop// Waist-Jacket - Primark

so I am really not a dress person. I will usually only wear a dress like this if I really have to, or if i'm going to some sort of occasion. This dress is very Taylor Swift-esque, and don't get me wrong, I love me some t-swizzle, but her style is not my style. If I wear a dress, its defo not going to be a lace one like this....BUT yesterday I found this dress at the back of my wardrobe that my good ol' pally ally gave to me some time ago, and I mainly didn't wear it because it didn't even fit before, but now it does (its actually a bit big now) and teamed with some chelsea boots/biker boots and a statement jacket, it adds a bit more of ME to the outfit. If you wanted it more girly, you could wear a denim jacket (with or without sleeves) and some ballet flats. For some reason, I see this as a really cute 'date outfit'. now I just need the boyfriend part *sigh*



song in title; 22 by Taylor Swift

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